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There's nothing fancy here- this site is about links, not graphics.

This is a list of what I consider to be the best Voyager- and especially Janeway- fan fiction available on the net. Its not a complete list. It is my list.

I do hope you might find it useful on your journey through the world created by these wonderful writers.

Disclaimer: Please respect the age rating applied to stories by their authors. Parents, be aware that the world of fan fic is not a safe place for an unsupervised child to play. I cannot be held responsible for material that your children might access. Many stories carry PG 13, NC 17 or R ratings and deal with adult situations and content.

Comments? Questions? Want to recommend a story or a site? (I'm always looking for more) Tell me about a broken link?

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Archive Sites

The ASC Index: Trekiverse

The Largest archive of Star Trek fan fic out there. The Voyager section is huge and of course, growing with each update. Categories are clearly listed- adult, humour and general sections, various pairings of characters. Many happy hours can be spent on this huge site. Pick a category and dive right in!

The Janeway Index

What a fantastic idea. Lots and lots of Janeway fan fiction. Go here, go now, and visit regularly.

The JetC Story Index

Huge archive of stories about our favourite captain and her first officer. Regularly updated and maintained, so you'll want to visit often. Adult and all age stories.

The JuPiter Station

Tired of Chakotay? The JuPiter Station is an archive dedicated to the Janeway/Paris paring- both friendship and, er, otherwise. There are some great stories here, and it is regularly updated. Also has a great picture archive. Adult and all age stories.

The 101 Group Challenge Centre

Not really an archive, but home to stories by a variety of authors in response to various "challenges." Includes the "101 Voyager Nights" collection, and Ragpant's great stories.

The Jetpp Page

Page dedicated to stories featuring the Prehensile Plant from "Survival Instinct."

Note: Link doesn't work. But I loved this site, so it's staying. Rah.
The JetK Page

Seen the episode "Counterpoint?" Its my very favourite Voyager episode, and it has generated some wonderful fan fic. See Janeway tangle with the delectable Inspector Kashyk on this site, containing stories by a variety of marvellous authors. JsKatwakthooh!

Virtual Voyager Season 7.5

Picks up in the middle of Voyager's 7th season. An AU timeline with stories from some great writers. A 'virtual season' that's actually worth reading.

The NC 17 JetC Index

Site with a lot of links to a lot of Janeway/Chakotay NC 17 stories.

The Die Seven, Die! Archive

Are you annoyed at the way the series ended in 'Endgame?' Well, in about 4 scenes in the episode anyway... Or are you just pissed off with all the annoying Seven episodes in season 4? Do you need revenge? Then get over here. *evil smirk*

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Writer's Home Pages

In no particular order. Just sites I visit often and want the world to know about.

M.C Moose

"Cannon Fodder to Chew on." Janeway stories so well realised and well written its a wonder the show writers haven't stolen her ideas. Short and long stories to loose yourself in for hours.

Jen's Fic

Want to see a workable, well realised, J/C relationship onVoyager? You can find it here in Jen's series of stories.

Macedon's Page

Home of the epic "Talking Stick Circle" series of stories. They completely bowled me over when I read them- if you haven't then you're in for a treat; amazing examples of the potential of fan fic.


Some very very nice J/C and J/P stories. Loads of Angst, but my very favourite kind. Delicious.

Rocky's Road

Author displaying lots of talent, and a Janeway focus. Of which I highly approve.

Dave Rogers

It says in his sig: "rational romantic mystic cynical idealist" I can't really do better than that, can I?

L.R Bowen

Great stories and Artwork. Includes the epic J/C "Cardassian Mask."

Kelly's Janeway Fiction

Every single story Kelly has written makes me gasp in awe at her talent. She takes the characters places I wish they could go in the confines of the TV show. Goodness, what a show Voyager would be then. NC 17, Angst alert, f/f and dangerous situations- but, oh, what stories they are! My All Time Favourite Writer of Voyager Fan Fic.

Michele Masterson

"Contrition" is many reader's favourite work. There's loads of good stuff here though, including a -gasp- great pregnant Janeway story!

The Stylus

so she finally got a web page. Okay, so she's writing West Wing fic now but if it made her put up a web poage, I'll take it. Anyway. The Voyager stuff (scroll down) here rocks my world. Its dark and its beautiful and its so true. Angsty J/C and J/Ka. And even a J/P. And it's all wonderful.


I read a description of Sasscat at the JuPiter Station that said "She has a strange sense of Humour." Why not read her stories and decide for yourself? J/P and P/T. NC 17. Sasscat does a wonderful Paris.

Angelina Vansen's Ludicrously Frilly Home Page of Love

Loads of lovely tarty stuff. J with P, C and 7. In various combinations.

Chakotay's Bedroom - Maquis Leader

Fabulously well written, well realised and often steamy Janeway/Chakotay stuff here. Don't miss the AU series, 'Voyagers.'

Adrian's Voyager Writings

Satisfying J/C. :)

Veronica Jane Williams

This author can do P/T, J/C and J/P; smut, humour, adventure and romance.

Fan Tastic Voyager

Tricia Donovan loves "Counterpoint" as much as me, and has written some great stories inspired by it. Go visit Mrs. Mopp on her crusade to keep the corridors of Voyager clean!

Linda Binder's Voyager Stories

Damn fine, well written J/C.


Mainly JetC. I've not read mych yet, but I'm liking what I'm seeing.

Morgan's Tower

An ardent J/Cer and very, very talented. Long may the stories continue!

Laura Taylor

General Trek fiction site, but oh, the Voyager stuff here is amazing.


Suz is a living legend in Voyager fan fic. She's officially the "Royal Story Queen" "Evil Incarnate" and "A Statuesque Amazon Goddess." You'll find a variety of great stuff here. Suz does angst, humour and a damn fine story all equally well. Go read her stuff and join the growing legions of fans. J/C, mostly. Resistance, in this case, is futile.

JetC Dreams Page

A very talented author, CA.


Fun as the girls of Trek meet in the diner opposite the Paramount lot after a hard day of filming and conventions... Parodies of Resolutions too.

Arachnia's Web

Great Janeway stories, and nice artwork. Our captain in a variety of parings.

Tricorder Readings

Home of the "Enemy of My Enemy" a/u series. Lots of stories by a collection of talented writers. Doesn't seem to have been updated in a while, though.

Monkee's Place

Humour, angst and love. Monkee is simply amazing.

Delta Quadrant Logs

Home of the racy, NC17, emotional but wonderful "Dark is Rising" series.

Your Cruise Director

Another well known writer, who's page you should have visited loads of times already. Romantic J/C, smut filled J/C, humorous J/C. All damn fine J/C. Artwork and Links. Divided into sections for adults and all ages.

Sam's Fan Fic

Another great JC writer, who does fluff and angst with equal amounts of skill. Beautifully written.


Visit this site and experience another intense journey with the Voyager characters. Boadicea's talent is awe inspiring. Fantastic stories. Angst, NC 17, f/f, m/f, brilliance. I love this writer.

Gill Hoyle's J/C Page

Great Fan Fic. Great collection of Links. Hilarious J/C Giggle Pics. Bookmark it. Best J/C page out there.

Claudia's Nebula

Lots of Cool stuff here! Showcasing J/P and J/C, and of course the "Star Trek: Duckager" cartoons!

Ghostwriter's Haunt

Described elsewhere as "The Best Writer of Smut on the Net." Yes. But so much more too. Variety of pairings and adventures.

Sister Mary Kathryn's Irrelevant Adventures

Go and prepare to die laughing.

NODA's Fan Fiction

Great stuff. J/C. Split into adult and suitable for all categories.

Avalon Online

Home of the "Eidolon Trilogy," which was one of the first fan fics I ever read. J/C.

Mindy's DQ Tales

Yeah, more J/C. But "Dark Desire," the "Living Witness" fic, is a MUST read.

The Emu's Feathers

Inspired J/P. This author made me take J/P seriously. Go, now, and join the converted.

August's Archipelago of Angst

What? You haven't already been here? Why ever not? Another author with the power to knock me over at every word. Marvellous use of the characters. In these stories "Actions have Consequences." Various parings, more amazing talent.

The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway

Very NC 17. Firmly Adults only. Captain Janeway as you've never seen her before. No minors.


Elizabeth M Barr's site, filled with pics, articles and of course- Fan Fic!

Andra Marie Mueller

Lots and lots of very nice, very well written J/C. More please.

Malbeth's Page

Some NC 17 J/C. Some great romantic stuff here.

Kaddith's Weyr

J/C. Wide variety of stuff here.

Melissa B

Home of the amazing J/C series beginning with "Consequences."

The Voyager Coronary

Ever get tired of people bashing Voyager? Wonder what Voyager would be like if it was really as bad as some people seem to think? Go here and have a coronary laughing as one of the Trekbbs' greatest Voyager defenders works off his frustration.


A recent discovery. And one I shall be checking back on frequently.


Another marvellous Paris author. J/P - Paris in various parings, and slash.

Terrapin Point

Roses' site. A talented J/C er. And Turtles.

Delta Story's Trekker Treats

A multitude of treats to be found at this page. Great J/C stories, episode reviews, links, and pictures. Sections for adult and all age stuff.

VoyWriter's Story Page

Yeah, so this writer likes Beltran/ Chakotay. But these stories are good, so I can accept this.

Gina's J/C

Very nice J/C. Clearly labelled with ratings.

G.L Dartt

Well written and insightful, theses stories have made many people consider the possibilities of the Janeway/ Seven paring.

Carolyn's Subspace Distortions

Great looking site. Has an interesting a/u series.

Sandra's Voyager Page

Stories by another Janeway fan.

Kit Montana

AKA: The Retired Fan Fic writer's Page. We don't know where Kit Montana is. But someone- thank you whoever you are!- collected together her stories and posted them here. "Heart and Soul" is a classic. Read and enjoy.


Mainly J/C.But with a nice edge. And some delicous stuff here. And Kashyk!

EJ Andrews

Great Episode additions. Lots of stories with a J/C Slant.

Christina's Voyager Stories

I liked the Charlie series- a great concept! Also has some great episode editions. Mainly J/C.

Running Horse's Story Page

Want more J/C? Find some great stories here by a very talented writers.

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Voyager Fan Fic Link Sites

The J/C Links List. Mel's huge list of J/C Pages.

Links from JetC 15 Archive of JetC 15 member stories, and a great list of links.

Reviews & Opinions.

I'm a Brit. Our terrestrial BBC is a little behind. Thank goodness for these fine people.

Delta Blues

Fantastic, funny reviews and near transcripts of all the episodes. Fatherly Uncle Jim is a legend. His catch phrases have worked their way into widespread use by the on line Voyager community; I dare anyone not to crack up when Janeway runs around with Betsy after reading Jim's reviews. Great for fan fic writers' reference and for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic- Jim gives us the next best thing to watching the episodes. Also has a huge page of useful links.

Star Trek Guide at About.com

Great Star Trek resource. A link to almost everything you could possibly want. A great weekly mail out, episode reviews, and a huge amount of fan fic links.

Michele Erica Green's Voyager Reviews

Contraversial, but she always has something thought provoking to say. She gives a really good synopsis of the episode, and also gets her reviews up soon after the episodes air.

Monkee's J/C Reviews

Monkee gets another mention here, because not only does she write great fan fic, she also does great reviews; from the perspective of a Janeway and J/C fan. Just click the link on the main page for the reviews instead of the stories.

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Other Voyager Stuff.

The Trekbbs

General Trek discussion place but, the Voyager Forum is very busy, and contains lots of interesting individuals and opinions.

The J Team

The only psudo religious cult dedicated to the Woship of Captian Janeway of Voyager, and to promoting Janewayism throughout the Universe. New Converts welcome. Go look, go laugh, join the list and get in touch.

Another site by me. Do drop by. Has a very nice Discussion Board for the discerning Janeway Fan.

Voyager's Delights

Actually difficult to know where to put this one. Has an archive of fan fiction and masses of Voyager information, including interviews.

Five Minute Voyager

Too busy to watch the episodes? Why not read these amazing "condensed" versions instead. Highly reccomended, very very funny. Should probably be in the fan fic section.

The Official Star Trek Site

Worth a look. Has lots of pictures and an episode library. The crew "psychological profiles" make interesting reading.

The JetC HQ

Headquarters of the Movement. Has lots of links, the "JetC Drinking Game." Fluffy.

The Coffee Nebula

Great Discussion Board and Coffee related pics. "Destroyed Shuttlecraft" counting also goes on here.

Totally Kate!

The place to go for information on the talented actress who plays our favourite captain. Quite frankly, I could watch her read the phone book and still be entertained.

Straight Girls Hot For Kate!

Hillarious site. Too close to the truth? Nah....


The place to go for information on the actor behind Voyager's First Officer.


The place to go for up to date Trek News. Besides. I work here too.

Absolutley Useless Star Trek Page

Froot's Page. Not useless at all. Very lovely, and very cute. Go look at the artwork.

Capatin on the Bridge

Fantastic place for Kate and Janeway pictures.

Star Trek News

More Trek News, includes a useful Voyager FAQ. Which I wish more people would read.

The Kill Chakotay Page


The P/G Page

For those of us who think Tom Paris has more chemistry with, well, anyone than with B'Elanna Torres....

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